Your Successful Future: A Practical Guide to Magnetize Your Focus

Most people spend more time planning a vacation than they do planning for their life. Now, it is the best time to take action and create your successful future to be full of health, wealth, and happiness. This book contains the subject knowledge “WHAT?”, its importance “WHY?”, and the “HOW?” to apply knowledge to get the desired successful results. In order to set your goals, master them, get the blueprint goals to achieve them, this book contains: commitment for success, gratitude, wins and blessing, changes and challenges, fire your fear, beliefs and habits, comfort zone, law of attraction, know yourself, purpose, beat procrastination, vision board, motivation, meditation, creative visualization and affirmation.

It is a marvelous and concise guide for you and everyone to create the prosperous life of your dreams. It is very rich with practical step-by-step tools that will guide you through well designed process to achieve your goals. It will help you in focusing on what you want and controlling your mind to win the game of life and have anything you aspire to.